Project Schedule

It is anticipated that the City will have comprehensively updated its General Plan and prepared an accompanying Environmental Impact Report by late 2019. The General Plan Update process is visually illustrated in the diagram below (click on the image to enlarge).

Project Team

General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC)

A General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC), composed of a representative range of community members, is working closely with City staff and the consultant team to provide input and direction throughout the General Plan Update process.

The GPAC is composed of the following members:

  • John Low

  • Katie Pandolfo

  • Frank Saldana


  • Alex Cainglet

  • Vera Dewitt

  • Councilmember Jawane Hilton

  • Weston Labar

Consultant Team

Dyett & Bhatia, Urban and Regional Planners is leading the consultant team that will be assisting the City with this General Plan Update.

Additional consultants, with specializations in different disciplines, are:

The Arroyo Group and Iteris are supporting the General Plan Update with a related study on the creation of neighborhood villages in and around the City’s residential neighborhoods