Project Objectives

Carson’s updated General Plan will address issues spanning all aspects of life in the city. The project’s primary objectives include:

  • Working with the community to articulate a vision for the city, and translating this vision into a viable implementation program
  • Ensuring balanced land use development that benefits residents and businesses
  • Fostering transportation improvements that allow people to easily and safely get around the city by driving, walking, biking, and/or taking transit
  • Enhancing quality of life and community character
  • Improving the City’s fiscal and economic health
  • Revitalizing the community for a diverse, aging, and changing population
  • Coordinating with regional planning initiatives and State mandates regarding sustainability, greenhouse gas emissions, and environmental justice

Finally, the updated General Plan will be crafted in a way that is easy to understand and use, and that can be efficiently revised to incorporate future updates and amendments.